Applying for Scholarships

Each year, scholarships are awarded by the Foundation to undergraduate students specializing in some phase of FLORICULTURE. The object of the awards is to encourage good students to enter the domestic floriculture field; therefore, applicants should intend to work in some phase of COMMERCIAL FLORICULTURE in the United States after graduation.

  • The definition of Floriculture is: The cultivation of flowers, especially to be cut and sold, including flowering plants and foliage plants, cut flowers, greens, bedding plants (annual and perennial) and hanging baskets. 
  • To be eligible, applicants must attend their present institution or another providing accredited floriculture course work during the next academic school year. Since specialization might not occur until later in four-year schools, preferences will be given to upper division applicants. 
  • In evaluating each candidate, grades are important. However, other factors are considered such as need, work status, character, and intent. The application, letters of recommendation and transcripts must be received no later than March 30 in order to be eligible for consideration. 
  • Scholarship award amounts usually range from a minimum of $1,000 up to $5,000. Funds awarded in 2019 must be applied to the 2019-2020 academic year. Each student who wins a scholarship will be notified by mail. 
  • This scholarship is an outright grant. No interest payments or repayments of principal are required. It is hoped, however, that recipients will be inclined within their limits of their ability, to make contributions to the Foundation for the benefit of prospective students in the future. 


The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Foundation is committed to assisting students complete their education in floriculture or horticulture or a closely related field. Each year scholarships are awarded to worthy students.  Criteria for awards are career goals, work and extra-curricular experience, financial need and grades.
Eligibility Requirements
Any student entering or attending a two-year or four-year college or university or first year only of graduate school is eligible. Applicants must be pursuing a course of study and a career in floriculture, horticulture or closely related field.
General Information
Scholarship awards generally range from $500 - $7,000.  Funds awarded in 2023 must be applied to the 2023-2024 academic year. Each student who wins a scholarship will be notified by mail. Previous applicants and former recipients may re-apply in future years by submitting an updated application packet.
Scholarship funds will be deposited at the educational institution in the recipient’s name and applied by that institution to the student’s expenses.
Required Supporting Documents (The following 3 documents are required)

  1. A recommendation from a teacher or academic advisor at your school evaluating you as a student (see enclosed form).  Recommendation from a parent is not acceptable.
  2.  A recommendation from a current or former employer or community service organization (not a parent) evaluating you as a worker or volunteer (see enclosed form).
  3. Transcript of grades from your most recent school.  GPA must be calculated to a 4.0 scale.  Unofficial transcripts and photocopies are acceptable.

Instructions for filling out Application
The text boxes for essay questions are designed to accommodate the maximum allowed word count.  Your personal resume is encouraged and can be used in place of filling out questions 1-5.  Indicate on application which sections are contained in your resume.  Attached are recommendation forms for teachers and employers.  Please request 2 letters of recommendation to your teacher and/or employer and have them email the complete by sending directly to Joseph Shinoda Foundation at Applications can be submitted online at or via Mail to: The Shinoda Foundation 3620 American River Drive, Suite 230 Sacramento, CA 95864
You can apply a digital signature on Adobe or print and sign the document and either create a PDF of the signature page to attach to your email or mail the signature page to the address below.


Additional Years

The Foundations Purpose

In recognition of the need to encourage creative young talent to pursue careers in floriculture, the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation was established. A non-profit organization, its sole purpose is to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students who have chosen to prepare for careers in the flower industry. It is only through education that the interests and potential of young people can be developed in order to meet the expanding demands of the floral industry.

Apply for Scholarship

All applications and related materials must be completed no later than April 25.

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